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SCE ELRP Direct Customer Enrollment

Before you begin the enrollment process, please gather the following information:

  • Business name (as it appears on your bill)
  • Service account number
  • Service address (as it appears on your bill)
  • Contact information (name, email, phone)
  • Whether the site you are enrolling has a back-up generator, including any prohibited resource*
  • Whether the site you are enrolling has a Rule 21 export agreement and you would like to be compensated for incremental exports
  • Email address for ELRP event notifications
  • Your nomination, or expected load reduction (kW) during events for the site
  • Email address for authorized signer of the Terms and Conditions (if you are not authorized)

*Prohibited resources are defined as distributed generation technologies using diesel, natural gas, gasoline, propane, or liquified petroleum gas, in topping cycle Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or non-CHP configuration.

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